ECO National Gathering

As young church planters in London, and then as pastors in the northern industrial English city of Sheffield, we learned many significant lessons about how to go and make disciples in the power of the Spirit in a culture that was rapidly becoming post-Christian.

Called as a family of missionaries to America in 2007, we have served in churches in Oklahoma City, NE Ohio, and Long Beach CA. Our boys are now young adults, and all of them are walking passionately with Jesus as disciple-makers in their own right – for which we give so many thanks to God.

They have served the wider church for over 20 years, speaking and ministering in person in over 15 countries and almost 25 US states (and many more virtually!). For the past 4 years we have been full-time with Dandelion, working with a huge range of leaders, churches, and denominations.